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Effect of multipass friction stir processing on corrosion resistance of hypereutectic Al–30Si alloy
Abstract Ultrafine grain (UFG) microstructure of Al–30Si alloy formed by friction stir processing (FSP), was correlated with its corrosion property. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and anodicExpand
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Development and validation of a processing map for zirconium alloys
For the development of processing maps to zirconium alloys, a simple instability condition based on the Ziegler's continuum principles as applied to large plastic flow is extended for delineating theExpand
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Effects of caliber rolling on microstructure and room temperature tensile properties of Mg–3Al–1Zn alloy
Abstract Mg–3Al–1Zn (AZ31) alloy was caliber rolled isothermally in the temperature range of 250–450 °C to develop fine grains of 3.6–12.5 μm. The stress–strain curves obtained from tensile tests atExpand
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Biocorrosion and biodegradation behavior of ultralight Mg–4Li–1Ca (LC41) alloy in simulated body fluid for degradable implant applications
Biocorrosion and biodegradation behavior of Mg–4Li–1Ca alloy were investigated for industrially important end product conditions, namely the homogenized, rolled, and rolled + annealed ones. Among theExpand
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Fretting wear study on Ti–Ca–P biocomposite in dry and simulated body fluid
Abstract In the present work, powder metallurgy processing was used to synthesize a titanium rich composite containing in situ formed bioactive calcium-phosphatic phases. The potential application ofExpand
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Hot Workability and Flow Characteristics of Aluminum-5 wt.% B4C Composite
Flow behavior of aluminum-5 wt.% boron carbide (Al-B4C) composite was investigated by carrying out compression tests over a range of strain rates (10−4-100 s−1) and temperatures (200-500 °C). TheExpand
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Processing map for hot working of spray formed and hot isostatically pressed Al–Li alloy (UL40)
Abstract The hot deformation behavior of spray formed + HIPed Al–Li (UL40) alloy was studied using processing map technique. The map has been interpreted in terms of the microstructural processesExpand
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Hot working and geometric dynamic recrystallisation behaviour of a near-α titanium alloy with acicular microstructure
Abstract The hot working behaviour of near-α titanium alloy – TITAN 29A (equivalent to IMI 834) with an acicular starting microstructure was evaluated by carrying out hot compression tests over aExpand
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Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada, R3T 5V6(Received March 16, 2000)(Accepted in revised form April 21, 2000)Keywords:Expand
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Development of constitutive relationship and processing map for Al-6.65Si-0.44Mg alloy and its composite with B4C particulates
Abstract High temperature flow behavior of Al-6.65Si-0.44Mg (all in wt%) (A356) alloy and A356+5 wt% B 4 C composite were investigated by compression test at temperatures 470, 500, 530 and 570 °C andExpand
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