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Essential oil constituents of Ashanti pepper (Piper guineense) fruits (berries)
Separation et identification, par chromatographie gazeuse-spectrometrie de masse, des constituants volatils. Toxicite potentielle des fruits utilises comme epice ou comme plante medicinale en AfriqueExpand
3-Methoxysampangine, a novel antifungal copyrine alkaloid from Cleistopholis patens.
Further examination of the active ethanolic extract of the root bark of Cleistopholis patens by using bioassay-directed fractionation resulted in the isolation of a new alkaloid, 3-methoxysampangineExpand
Azaanthraquinone: an antimicrobial alkaloid from Mitracarpus scaber.
An ethanolic extract of the aerial parts of Mitracarpus scaber demonstrated good antimicrobial activity. Bioassay directed fractionation of this extract led to the isolation ofExpand
Composition of the Essential Oil of Laggera alata.
This communication reports on the constituents of the volatile leaf oil of L. alata for the first time. The plant materials used in the present study were collected from two different locations inExpand
Dihydrochalcones from Uvaria angolensis
An investigation of the roots of Uvaria angolensis has led to the isolation and identification of two new dihydrochalcones, angoletin and uvangoletin, and the known C-benzyldihydrochalcones, uvaretinExpand