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Capsaicin and gingerol analogues inhibit the growth of efflux-multidrug resistant bacteria and R-plasmids conjugal transfer.
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL IMPORTANCE Capsicum and ginger are used widely in human diets and in folklore medicines. Chemically, gingerol is a relative of capsaicin and both classes of compounds are notableExpand
Alpha-Amylase Inhibition and Antioxidative Capacity of Some Antidiabetic Plants Used by the Traditional Healers in Southeastern Nigeria
Oxidative stress plays a significant role in the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome including diabetes mellitus (DM). The inhibition of alpha-amylase is an important therapeutic target in theExpand
Novel R-plasmid conjugal transfer inhibitory and antibacterial activities of phenolic compounds from Mallotus philippensis (Lam.) Mull. Arg.
Antimicrobial resistance severely limits the therapeutic options for many clinically important bacteria. In Gram-negative bacteria, multidrug resistance is commonly facilitated by plasmids that haveExpand
Antibacterial and norfloxacin potentiation activities of Ocimum americanum L. against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Staphylococcus species are among the most common resistant bacteria associated with the major cause of human ailments. The crude methanol extract from Ocimum americanum (OA) leaf was tested alone orExpand
In vitro assessment of antibiotic-resistance reversal of a methanol extract from Rosa canina L
The crude methanol extract of Rosa canina (RC) fruit was tested against multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacterial strains, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus SA1199B, EMRSA16 and XU212Expand
Antibacterial and ciprofloxacin modulating activity of Ptaeroxylon obliquum (Thunb.) Radlk leaf used by the Xhosa people of South Africa for the treatment of wound infections
ABSTRACT The present work investigated the antibacterial activity of Ptaeroxylon obliquum leaves (POL) extracts in the presence or absence of ciprofloxacin by the broth microdilution method andExpand
Pharmacological Evaluation of Selected Medicinal Plants Used in the Management of Oral and Skin Infections in Ebem-Ohafia District, Abia State, Nigeria
Oral and skin infections contribute significantly to the global health challenges responsible for the current trend of increased morbidity and premature death. The purpose of this study was toExpand
Bactericidal and antibiotic-modulation activities of methanol crude extracts of Ligustrum lucidum and Lobelia inflata against MRSA phenotypes: Molecular docking studies of some isolated compounds
Abstract The present study evaluated antibacterial, plasmid conjugal transfer inhibition, growth kinetics and bacterial resistance modifying activities of methanol crude extracts from the fruits ofExpand