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Proletarianisation, Agency and Changing Rural Livelihoods: Forced Labour and Resistance in Colonial Mozambique
In current analytical approaches to rural poverty in Southern Africa, the more we see the term 'livelihoods', the less we see the concept 'proletarianisation'. This displacement is partly a response
Through a divided glass: Dualism, class and the Agrarian question in Mozambique
This article argues that if we look at rural differentiation not only as emerging class stratification but also as changing divisions of labour, expressed in the diversification of rural livelihoods,
Introduction: Agrarian Change, Rural Poverty and Land Reform in South Africa since 1994
This introduction sketches the context and dynamics of agrarian change, rural poverty and land reform since the end of apartheid in 1994, drawing attention to structural continuities and new elements
Missing men? The debate over rural poverty and women‐headed households in Southern Africa
Migrant labour in Southern Africa is associated historically with rural poverty and a high incidence of women‐headed households. Poverty alleviation approaches to social policy ask whether in this
A Bigger Piece of a Very Small Pie: Intrahousehold Resource Allocation and Poverty Reduction in Africa
Feminist research has convincingly shown that an increase in household income does not necessarily lead to improvement in the well-being of all members of the household. More questionable is the
Land, Labour and the Production of Affliction in Rural Southern Africa
In the colonial vision of Southern Africa, rural people were seen as both underemployed and self-sustaining even while processes of commodification dependent on the exploitation of their labour were
Production and Reproduction: Meillassoux's Femmes, Greniers et Capitaux
a capitalist system. He provides two answers, both based on the role of the family in reproducing labour-power. First, capitalism gets extra surplus from pre-capitalist modes of production based on
Past and Present Options: Land Reform in Mozambique
There is now broad agreement on the left that Frelimo's agrarian policy was not a success in socialist terms, either economically or politically. The principal elements of the left critique have been