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Determination of thermal hydraulic data of GHARR-1 under reactivity insertion transients using the PARET/ANL code
The PARET/ANL code has been adapted by the IAEA for testing transient behaviour in research reactors since it provides a coupled thermal hydrodynamic and point kinetics capability for estimatingExpand
Transient analysis of Ghana research reactor-1 using PARET/ANL thermal-hydraulic code.
Abstract PARET/ANL (Version 7.3 of 2007) thermal–hydraulic code was used to perform transient analysis of the Ghana Research Reactor-1. The reactivities inserted were 2.1 mk, 4 mk and 6.71 mk. TheExpand
Neutron flux distribution in the irradiation channels of Am–Be neutron source irradiation facility
Abstract Monte Carlo (MCNP-5) simulations of the neutron fluxes were performed to determine the radial and axial neutron fluxes of the two irradiation sites of the 20 Ci 241 Am–Be neutron irradiationExpand
Feasibility study for production of I-131 radioisotope using MNSR research reactor.
A feasibility study for (131)I production using a Low Power Research Reactor was conducted to predict the yield of (131)I by cyclic activation technique. A maximum activity of 5.1GBq was achievedExpand
The design of a multisource americium-beryllium (Am-Be) neutron irradiation facility using MCNP for the neutronic performance calculation.
The americium-beryllium neutron irradiation facility at the National Nuclear Research Institute (NNRI), Ghana, was re-designed with four 20 Ci sources using Monte Carlo N-Particle (MCNP) code toExpand
Epithermal instrumental neutron activation analysis for the determination of gold and arsenic in Ghanaian gold tailings using conventional and anti-coincidence counting
Epithermal instrumental neutron activation analysis (EINAA) together with both conventional and anti-coincidence counting techniques were used to analyze six different gold tailing samples from GhanaExpand
Ground deposition assessment of radionuclides following a hypothetical release from Ghana Research Reactor-1 (GHARR-1) using atmospheric dispersion model
Abstract With the sustained development in computer technology, the possibilities of code capabilities have been enlarged substantially. Advanced safety evaluations and design optimizations that wereExpand
Neutron flux determination in irradiation sites of an Am-Be neutron source at NNRI
Abstract Neutron flux measurements and flux distribution parameters for two irradiation sites of an Am–Be neutron source irradiator were measured by using gold (Au), zirconium (Zr) and aluminum (Al)Expand
Determination of thermal neutron cross-section and resonance integral for the 75As (n, γ)76As reaction by activation method using 55Mn (n, γ)56Mn as a monitor
Abstract Nuclear constants for use in reactor activation analysis especially (n, γ) cross-sections and absolute gamma intensities, are known to show a rather large scatter in literature. Thermal andExpand
Prospect of Nuclear Power Today as Part of Ghana Energy Mix and Socio-Economic Development
Energy is essential for economic development and improvement of quality of life in every human settlement. Considering her economic aspirations and population growth, Ghana’s energy demand,Expand