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A non-destructive method (solid state 13CNMR) for determining organic chemical components of decomposing litter
Abstract 13CCP/MAS NMR spectra were measured in order to identify and quantify various forms of carbon in decomposing litter. The Klason-lignin content was also determined by conventional techniques.Expand
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Interaction of cationic porphyrins with DNA.
Utilizing linear dichroism (LD), circular dichroism (CD), and fluorescence energy transfer, the binding geometries of a series of Co(3+)-porphyrins and their free ligands were examined. The compoundsExpand
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Pulmonary absorption rate and bioavailability of drugs in vivo in rats: structure-absorption relationships and physicochemical profiling of inhaled drugs.
The aim of this investigation was to analyze the structure-absorption relationships for pulmonary delivered drugs. First, the inhaled drugs on the market during 2001 were identified and a profile ofExpand
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Drug Absorption from the Isolated Perfused Rat Lung–Correlations with Drug Physicochemical Properties and Epithelial Permeability
The pulmonary absorption of nine low-molecular-weight (225–430 Da) drugs (atenolol, budesonide, enalaprilat, enalapril, formoterol, losartan, metoprolol, propranolol and terbutaline) and oneExpand
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Four levels of pattern recognition
Problems of pattern recognition in chemistry and other subjects can be divided conveniently into four different types depending on the level of scope of the problem. (1) Classification into one ofExpand
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Statistical molecular design, parallel synthesis, and biological evaluation of a library of thrombin inhibitors.
A library of thrombin inhibitors has been designed using statistical molecular design. An aromatic scaffold was used, with three varied positions corresponding to three pockets at the active site ofExpand
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Overcoming undesirable HERG potency of chemokine receptor antagonists using baseline lipophilicity relationships.
The inhibition of the hERG channel by noncardiovascular drugs is a side effect that severely impedes the development of new medications. To increase hERG selectivity of preclinical compounds, weExpand
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Increasing selectivity of CC chemokine receptor 8 antagonists by engineering nondesolvation related interactions with the intended and off-target binding sites.
The metabolic stability and selectivity of a series of CCR8 antagonists against binding to the hERG ion channel and cytochrome Cyp2D6 are studied by principal component analysis. It is demonstratedExpand
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Characterization of Peat Samples by Diffuse Reflectance FT-IR Spectroscopy
A Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic study of Sphagnum peat, Carex peat, and mixtures of these peat types is reported. Intensity values from selected wavenumber regions of the infrared spectraExpand
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Multivariate Design and Modelling in QSAR, Combinatorial Chemistry, and Bioinformatics
The last decade has witnessed much progress in how to characterize and describe chemical structure, how to synthesize large sets of compounds, how to make simple and fast in-vitro assays, and how toExpand
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