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The Entropy Wave Generator (EWG): A Reference Case on Entropy Noise
Abstract The entropy noise mechanism was investigated both experimentally and numerically on a generic test case. The model experiment features electrical heating to generate non-isentropicExpand
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Numerical Investigation of the Fundamental Mechanism for Entropy Noise Generation in Aero-Engines
Abstract In the present work, the generation and propagation of entropy noise is computed using a compressible URANS approach in combination with appropriate acoustic boundary conditions. TheExpand
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Experimental and numerical studies of evaporating wavy fuel films in turbulent air flow
Abstract In extending earlier studies the present paper is concerned with the two phase flow inside prefilming airblast atomizers of gas turbine combustors at elevated temperatures. A numericalExpand
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Analysis of the Pollutant Formation in the FLOX® Combustion
FLOX®, or flameless combustion is characterized by ultralow NO x emissions. Therefore the potential for its implementation in gas turbine combustors is investigated in recent research activities. TheExpand
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Motion and evaporation of shear-driven liquid films in turbulent gases
In this paper detailed measurements of wavy liquid films driven by the shear stress of turbulent air flow are described for different air temperatures, air velocities, and flow rates of the liquid.Expand
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Impedance Boundary Conditions for the Numerical Simulation of Gas Turbine Combustion Systems
The design process of modern gas turbine combustion systems relies more and more on CFD methods. To capture unsteady combustion phenomena like combustion instabilities or direct combustion noise bothExpand
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Impact of Radiation on the Wall Heat Load at a Test Bench Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber: Measurements and CFD Simulation
Experimental and numerical work has been carried out to determine the wall heat load at the liner structure of a model gas turbine combustion chamber. Measured cross-sectional profiles of theExpand
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Numerical Analysis of Indirect Combustion Noise Generation Within a Subsonic Nozzle
Indirect noise is analyzed by numerical simulations of the Entropy Wave Generator experiment, which has been set up to study the fundamental mechanism of indirect combustion noise generation.Expand
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Numerical Simulations of Confined, Turbulent, Lean, Premixed Flames Using a Detailed Chemistry Combustion Model
In this paper numerical simulations of a confined, high strained jet flame employing a detailed chemistry combustion model are presented. Unlike other configurations available in literature, theExpand
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Numerical Characterization of the Reacting Flow in a Swirled Gasturbine Model Combustor
In this work the three-dimensional reacting turbulent flow field of a swirl-stabilized gas turbine model combustor was analysed with compressible CFD. Expand
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