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(Non)renormalizability of the D -deformed Wess-Zumino model
We continue the analysis of the D-deformed Wess-Zumino model that we introduced in M. Dmitrijevic and V. Radovanovic, J. High Energy Phys. 04 (2009) 108. The model is defined by a deformation that isExpand
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Twisted supersymmetry: Twisted symmetry versus renormalizability
We discuss a deformation of superspace based on a Hermitian twist. The twist implies a *-product that is noncommutative, Hermitian and finite when expanded in a power series of the deformationExpand
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Weakly curved background T-duals
We discuss the generalized T-dualization procedure, its connection to the standard procedure, and the results of its application to the arbitrary set of coordinates of the closed string moving in theExpand
Complete T-Dualization of a String in a Weakly Curved Background
We apply the generalized Buscher procedure, to a subset of the initial coordinates of the bosonic string moving in the weakly curved background, composed of a constant metric and a linearlyExpand
Simultaneous T-dualization of type II pure spinor superstring
In this article we consider simultaneous T-dualization of the type II superstring action in a pure spinor formulation. Simultaneous T-dualization means that we make T-dualization at the same timeExpand
Type I background fields in terms of type IIB ones
Abstract We choose such boundary conditions for open IIB superstring theory which preserve N = 1 SUSY. The explicit solution of the boundary conditions yields effective theory which is symmetricExpand
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The role of the Seiberg–Witten field redefinition in renormalization of noncommutative chiral electrodynamics
It has been conjectured in the literature that renormalizability of the θ-expanded noncommutative gauge theories improves when one takes into account full nonuniqueness of the Seiberg–WittenExpand
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Gauge symmetries decrease the number of Dp-brane dimensions
It is known that the presence of the antisymmetric background field ${B}_{\ensuremath{\mu}\ensuremath{\nu}}$ leads to the noncommutativity of the Dp-brane manifold. The addition of the linear dilatonExpand
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