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Neutron skin of (208)pb from coherent pion photoproduction.
The results give the first successful extraction of a neutron skin thickness with an electromagnetic probe and indicate that the skin of (208)Pb has a halo character, providing valuable new constraints on both the structure of nuclei and the equation of state for neutron-rich matter.
Measurement of k-p → ηΛ near threshold
We present measurements of the differential and total cross sections and the Λ polarization for the reaction K−p→ηΛ from threshold to pK−=770MeV/c, with much better precision than previous
Accurate test of chiral dynamics in the γp→π0p reaction.
These data allowed for a precise determination of the energy dependence of the real parts of the S- and all three P-wave amplitudes for the first time and provide the most stringent test to date of the predictions of chiral perturbation theory and its energy region of agreement with experiment.
Photoproduction of π0π0 - and π0π+ -pairs off the proton from threshold to the second resonance region
Precise total cross-sections and invariant-mass distributions have been measured for photoproduction of pion pairs off the proton producing $\ensuremath p\pi^0\pi^0$ and $\ensuremath n\pi^+\pi^0$
Measurement of the 1H(γ, p)π0 reaction using a novel nucleon spin polarimeter.
We report the first large-acceptance measurement of polarization transfer from a polarized photon beam to a recoiling nucleon. The measurement pioneers a novel polarimetry technique, which can be
Narrow structure in the excitation function of η photoproduction off the neutron.
The photoproduction of η mesons off nucleons bound in 2H and 3He has been measured in coincidence with recoil protons and recoil neutrons for incident photon energies from threshold up to 1.4 GeV.
Quasi-free photoproduction of η-mesons off 3He nuclei
Quasi-free photoproduction of η-mesons has been measured off nucleons bound in 3He nuclei for incident photon energies from the threshold region up to 1.4 GeV. The experiment was performed at the
Determination of the quadratic slope parameter in eta-->3pi(0) decay.
The quadratic slope parameter alpha is determined to be alpha = -0.031(4) from a 99% pure sample of 10(6)eta-->3pi(0) decays produced in the reaction pi(-)p-->n(eta) close to the eta threshold using the Crystal Ball detector at the AGS.
Measurement of the invariant-mass spectrum for the two photons from the η→π0γγ decay
New results on the rare, doubly radiative decay η →π 0 γγ have been obtained from a revised analysis of the Crystal Ball experiment performed at the AGS. The analysis yields the first information on
Coherent photoproduction of π0- and η-mesons off 7Li
Abstract.Coherent photoproduction of π0-mesons from threshold (Eth ≈ 136 MeV) throughout the Δ-resonance region and of η-mesons close to the production threshold (Eth ≈ 570 MeV for η has been