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Noise of PbS-based semiconductor photoresistors
Typical spectra of the noise power density of uncooled photoresistors manufactured according to different industrial technologies are presented. It is shown that 1/Fα-type noise is responsible forExpand
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Spectral characteristics and morphology of nanostructured Pb-S-O thin films synthesized via two different methods
Abstract Using two different experimental techniques, namely chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD), we deposited a lead sulphide (PbS) thin films with a very smallExpand
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Morphology and Composition of Lead-Cadmium Sulfide Photo-Sensitive Films
CdxPb1-xS films with a thickness of 620 and 680 nm were prepared by chemical precipitation from a reaction mixture containing lead salt, thiourea, alkali and cadmium acetate. The concentration ofExpand
Isoelectronic Oxygen Centers and Conductivity of CdS Crystals Compared with PbS Crystals
The influence of oxygen on the electrical properties of PbS are well known. The goal of this study is to compare and reveal this phenomenon in CdS(O) single crystals, which we have studied in detailExpand
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Optimization of the Parameters of PbSB-based Polycrystalline Photoresistors
Photosensitive elements based on polycrystalline lead sulfide layers are investigated. The influence of heterogeneous reactions at the crystallite–environment interfaces on the photosensitive-elementExpand
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1/Fα-Type Noise in Lead Sulfide-Based Photosensitive Elements
The results of studies of the spectral power density of noise and transmission electron microscopy of lead sulfide–based photosensitive structures are analyzed from the point of view of detectingExpand
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