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An FFT-based technique for translation, rotation, and scale-invariant image registration
This correspondence discusses an extension of the well-known phase correlation technique to cover translation, rotation, and scaling, which shows excellent robustness against random noise. Expand
Identification of nonlinear dynamic systems using functional link artificial neural networks
An alternate ANN structure called functional link ANN (FLANN) for nonlinear dynamic system identification using the popular backpropagation algorithm and performs as good as and in some cases even better than the MLP structure for the problem of nonlinear system identification. Expand
Texture image retrieval using new rotated complex wavelet filters
A novel approach for texture image retrieval is proposed by using a set of dual-tree rotated complex wavelet filter (DT-RCWF) andDual-tree-complex wavelet transform ( DT-CWT) jointly, which obtains texture features in 12 different directions. Expand
A new wavelet based logo-watermarking scheme
A wavelet based logo-watermarking scheme for copyright protection of digital image using a visually meaningful gray scale logo as watermark is presented and is robust to wide variety of attacks. Expand
Texture image retrieval using rotated wavelet filters
A novel approach for texture image retrieval is proposed by using a new set of two-dimensional rotated wavelet filters (RWF) and discrete wavelet transform (DWT) jointly, which improves retrieval rate and retains comparable levels of computational complexity. Expand
Nonlinear channel equalization for QAM signal constellation using artificial neural networks
Application of artificial neural networks (ANN's) to adaptive channel equalization in a digital communication system with 4-QAM signal constellation is reported in this paper. A novel computationallyExpand
Distance functions in digital geometry
The necessary and sufficient condition for such distance functions to satisfy the properties of a metric has been derived and certain practical and efficient methods to check for metric properties are presented. Expand
Rotation-Invariant Texture Image Retrieval Using Rotated Complex Wavelet Filters
Experimental results indicate that the proposed method improves retrieval accuracy from 83.17% to 93.93% on a large size (1856 images) rotated database D4, compared with the discrete wavelet transform-based approach. Expand
Comparison of similarity metrics for texture image retrieval
Similarity metrics plays an important role in content-based image retrieval. The paper compares nine image similarity measures - Manhattan (L1), weighted-mean-variance (WMV), Euclidean (L2),Expand
A Survey on Current Content based Image Retrieval Methods
The survey includes a large number of papers covering the research aspects of system design and applications of CBIR, image feature representation and extraction, Multidimensional indexing, and future research directions are suggested. Expand