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Opportunities for pharmacists to optimise quality use of medicines in a Sri Lankan hospital: an observational, prospective, cohort study
Quality use of medicines (QUM) has been identified as a priority in Sri Lanka and the number of patients using these medicines has increased over the past five years.
A Role for Pharmacists in Glaucoma
The causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment methodologies and management regime for glaucoma are discusses. The vital role that pharmacists can play in early diagnosis of the disease is highlighted.
Prescribing and medication communication on the post‐take ward round
It is suggested that the level of medication communication and subsequent actions are suboptimal and processes to improve this situation should be explored.
Clinical: Counselling in practice: Communication skills when counselling on concordance - a focus on psychotropic medicines
  • B. Myers
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • 1 July 2018
Mario comes into the pharmacy to have a prescription dispensed, and he tells you that he has been experiencing fluctuations in his mood and energy levels for a couple of years, and they are getting worse.
ECPs puzzled over PhARIA changes
The recently announced changes to the PhARIA classification system has been a topic of discussion and concern for early career pharmacists (ECPs) across the country. ECPs are assessing the potential
Traditional Medicine [Book Review]
Traditional Medicine, edited by Steven B Kayne, Reviewed by Brooke Myers, Member price: $104, Non-member price $162.
Counselling in practice: Counselling on paediatric pain medicines
A young mother, Leigh, comes into your pharmacy requesting some pain relief for her eight-month-old son, Blake, who seems to be having teething pain that has caused him to be fussy and irritable.
What drug: About apixaban
Mrs Robinson is a 74-year-old lady who is a regular customer at your community pharmacy who was discharged yesterday from the local hospital after having a hip replacement for ongoing joint damage, which she says was caused by her 'arthritis'.