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Collision Detection and Administration Methods for Many Particles with Different Sizes
This paper deals with the calculation of the motion and the administration of the contacts for systems with many colliding bodies of round shape and possibly large size-dierences. Both twoExpand
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Collision detection for complicated polyhedra using the fast multipole method or ray crossing
The purpose of this paper is a comparison of two different methods that can be used for collision detection. One method is called the ray-crossing method, a commonly used geometrical approach. TheExpand
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Collisions between particles of complex shape
In this paper different models for the simulation of granular material are investigated. Due to the fact, that a detailed simulation considering also complex shapes or the deformability of everyExpand
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Contacts Between Many Bodies
In this paper the calculation and administration for motion and contacts of systems is investigated that are consisting of many colliding bodies. Both, two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D)Expand
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A Fractional Fourier Based Correlator for Detecting Joint Time and Frequency Offsets
  • P. Oonincx, B. Muth
  • Mathematics
  • 15th International Conference on Digital Signal…
  • 1 July 2007
In this paper a parametric correlation measure is introduced based on the fractional Fourier transform. Based on fundamental properties of this transform maximum correlation of two signals isExpand
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Dynamics of Poured Polyhedra of Different Shape
In this work different models for the simulation of granular material are investigated. Due to the fact that a detailed simulation considering complex shapes of the bodies is very time consuming,Expand
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Contact Simulation for Many Particles Considering Adhesion
Abstract This article deals with the calculation and administration of contact between many moving bodies in the planar case. The main issue is the contact determination between bodies of eitherExpand
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