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Eukaryotic genome size databases
Three independent databases of eukaryotic genome size information have been launched or re-released in updated form since 2005: the Plant DNA C-values Database (), the Animal Genome Size Database () and the Fungal Genome size Database (). Expand
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Nuclear DNA Amounts in Gymnosperms
A survey of genome size variation in 117 gymnosperms has found that the systematic coverage of the measurements is uneven, some families have been well sampled but others have not. There is aExpand
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Low outcrossing rates and shift in pollinators in New Zealand pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa; Myrtaceae).
New Zealand pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa), a member of the Myrtaceae, is a large, mass-flowering tree endemic to northern New Zealand coastlines. Mainland populations have been reduced toExpand
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Ribosomal DNA locus evolution in Nemesia: transposition rather than structural rearrangement as the key mechanism?
We investigated chromosome evolution in Nemesia using fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH) to identify the locations of 5S and 45S (18–26S) ribosomal genes. Although there was conservationExpand
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When does intraspecific C-value variation become taxonomically significant?
  • B. Murray
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annals of botany
  • 2005
AIMS To examine what possible role intraspecific DNA C-value variation may play in plant taxonomy. SCOPE Although many of the original examples of intraspecific C-value variation have been shown toExpand
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Flow cytometric determination of genome size in Pinus
Abstract The nuclear 2C DNA content of seven Pinus species and Pseudotsuga menziesii was determined by flow cytometric analysis. Conditions for nuclear isolation were adapted to optimise results forExpand
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Nuclear DNA variation, chromosome numbers and polyploidy in the endemic and indigenous grass flora of New Zealand.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Little information is available on DNA C-values for the New Zealand flora. Nearly 85 % of the named species of the native vascular flora are endemic, including 157 species ofExpand
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Genome size in Dahlia Cav. (Asteraceae–Coreopsideae)
The genus Dahlia (Asteraceae–Coreopsideae) is monophyletic according to a recent DNA phylogeny (ETS and ITS of rDNA). Traditionally, the genus has been divided into sections, but these have beenExpand
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Three new species of northern Australian Glycine (Fabaceae, Phaseolae), G. gracei, G. montis-douglas and G. syndetika
Three new Australian diploid species in Glycine Willd. are described. Two of these (Glycine gracei B.E.Pfeil & Craven and Glycine montis-douglas B.E.Pfeil & Craven) are endemic to the NorthernExpand
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