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Molecular phylogenetic diversity of the microbial community associated with a high-temperature petroleum reservoir at an offshore oilfield.
The microbial community and its diversity in production water from a high-temperature, water-flooded petroleum reservoir of an offshore oilfield in China were characterized by 16S rRNA gene sequenceExpand
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Anaerolineaceae and Methanosaeta turned to be the dominant microorganisms in alkanes-dependent methanogenic culture after long-term of incubation
The methanogenic alkanes-degrading enrichment culture which had been incubated for over 1,300 days amended with n-alkanes (C15–C20) was investigated through clone libraries of bacteria, archaea andExpand
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Molecular Detection of Anaerobic Ammonium-Oxidizing (Anammox) Bacteria in High-Temperature Petroleum Reservoirs
Anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing (anammox) process plays an important role in the nitrogen cycle of the worldwide anoxic and mesophilic habitats. Recently, the existence and activity of anammox bacteriaExpand
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Microbial communities involved in anaerobic degradation of alkanes
Abstract Saturated hydrocarbons are quantitatively the most abundant fraction among all petroleum hydrocarbons. Significant advances have been made in the understanding of the anaerobicExpand
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Analysis of alkane-dependent methanogenic community derived from production water of a high-temperature petroleum reservoir
Microbial assemblage in an n-alkanes-dependent thermophilic methanogenic enrichment cultures derived from production waters of a high-temperature petroleum reservoir was investigated in this study.Expand
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Determination of the amino acid sequence in a cyclic lipopeptide using MS with DHT mechanism.
A TOF MS/MS method to directly determine the amino acid sequence in a cyclic lipopeptide without its hydrolysis is described. The fragments of the peptide and the hydrocarbon chains were identifiedExpand
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Phylogenetic Diversity of the Archaeal Community in a Continental High-Temperature, Water-Flooded Petroleum Reservoir
The diversity of an archaeal community was analyzed in the water from a continental high-temperature, long-term water-flooded petroleum reservoir in Huabei Oilfield in China. The archaea wereExpand
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Characterization of an alkane-degrading methanogenic enrichment culture from production water of an oil reservoir after 274 days of incubation
Oil reservoirs represent special habitats for the activity of anaerobic microbial communities in the transformation of organic compounds. To understand the function of microbial communities in oilExpand
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Molecular analysis of the bacterial community in a continental high-temperature and water-flooded petroleum reservoir.
Water from a continental high-temperature, long-term water-flooded petroleum reservoir in Huabei Oilfield in China was analysed for its bacterial community and diversity. The bacteria wereExpand
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Analyses of n-alkanes degrading community dynamics of a high-temperature methanogenic consortium enriched from production water of a petroleum reservoir by a combination of molecular techniques
Despite the knowledge on anaerobic degradation of hydrocarbons and signature metabolites in the oil reservoirs, little is known about the functioning microbes and the related biochemical pathwaysExpand
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