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Variational analysis and generalized differentiation
Applications.- Constrained Optimization and Equilibria.- Optimal Control of Evolution Systems in Banach Spaces.- Optimal Control of Distributed Systems.- Applications to Economics.
Nonsmooth sequential analysis in Asplund spaces
We develop a generalized differentiation theory for nonsmooth functions and sets with nonsmooth boundaries defined in Asplund spaces. This broad subclass of Banach spaces provides a convenientExpand
Generalized Differential Calculus for Nonsmooth and Set-Valued Mappings
Abstract We study some generalized differentiability concepts for multifunctions and non-smooth mappings in finite dimensions. The most attention is paid to the so-called coderivative ofExpand
Maximum principle in the problem of time optimal response with nonsmooth constraints PMM vol. 40, n≗ 6, 1976, pp. 1014-1023
Abstract The problem of optimal response [1, 2] with nonsmooth (generally speaking, nonfunctional) constraints imposed on the state variables is considered. This problem is used to illustrate theExpand
Relative Pareto minimizers for multiobjective problems: existence and optimality conditions
In this paper we introduce and study enhanced notions of relative Pareto minimizers for constrained multiobjective problems that are defined via several kinds of relative interiors of ordering cones and occupy intermediate positions between the classical notions ofPareto and weak Pru·eto efficiency/minimality. Expand
Discrete Approximations and Refined Euler--Lagrange Conditions forNonconvex Differential Inclusions
This paper deals with the Bolza problem $(P)$ for differential inclusions subject to general endpoint constraints. We pursue a twofold goal. First, we develop a finite difference method for studyingExpand
Variational principles for set-valued mappings with applications to multiobjective optimization
This paper primarily concerns the study of general classes of constrained multiobjective optimization problems (includ- ing those described via set-valued and vector-valued cost mappings) from theExpand
Coderivative Analysis of Quasi-variational Inequalities with Applications to Stability and Optimization
We study equilibrium models governed by parameter-dependent quasi-variational inequalities important from the viewpoint of optimization/equilibrium theory as well as numerous applications. Expand
Extremal characterizations of asplund spaces
We prove new characterizations of Asplund spaces through certain extremal principles in nonsmooth analysis and optimization. The latter principles provide necessary conditions for extremal points ofExpand