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Three novel monotetrahydrofuran annonaceous acetogenins from Annona montana.
Three new monotetrahydrofuran (mono-THF) acetogenins, anmontanins A-C (1-3) were isolated from the leaves of Annona montana. Anmontanin C (3) is the first stereochemically pure acetogenin reported toExpand
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Limonoids from Swietenia macrophylla and S. aubrevilleana.
An investigation of the seeds of Swietenia macrophylla and S. aubrevilleana (Meliaceae) is reported. Three new compounds, augustineolide (1) and 3beta,6-dihydroxydihydrocarapin (2) from S.Expand
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Methyl briareolate, the first briarein diterpene containing a C-19 methyl ester
Abstract The structure 1 was elucidated by 2D NMR and X-ray crystal-structure analysis, which also established the relative stereochemistry. This is the first briarein diterpene containing a C-19Expand
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Further briareolate esters and briareolides from the Caribbean gorgonian octocoral Briareum asbestinum
Abstract Eight new diterpenes were isolated from Briareum asbestinum collected off south-west Tobago. Six metabolites (4) – (9) are briareolate esters while (10) and (11) are related to theExpand
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Diterpenes from the Gorgonian Coral Erythropodium caribaeorum from the Southern Caribbean
Erythropodium caribaeorum obtained off the coast of Tobago has yielded the known diterpenes erythrolide A [1], erythrolide B [2], and eryrhrolide E [3] as well as a new diterpene designatedExpand
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New erythrolides from the Caribbean gorgonian octocoral Erythropodium caribaeorum.
Seven new briarane diterpenes, erythrolides K-Q (1-7), as well as the known compounds erythrolides A, B, C, F, and J have been isolated from samples of the Caribbean gorgonian ErythropodiumExpand
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Identification of new limonoids from Swietenia and their biological activity against insects.
BACKGROUND Natural limonoids are one group of compounds being studied for their insecticidal properties. To discover new limonoids with better activities, analogs were prepared via acylation andExpand
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Tetranortriterpenoids from Ruagea glabra
Six tetranortriterpenoids including four new compounds, ruageanins A (3), B (4), C (5), and D (6), were isolated from fruits of Ruagea glabra (Meliaceae). Structures of the new compounds wereExpand
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An unusual sesquiterpene derivative from the Caribbean gorgonian Pseudopterogorgia rigida.
A new sesquiterpene derivative named mochiquinone (1) was isolated from the Caribbean gorgonian coral Pseudopterogorgia rigida collected off northeastern Venezuela, along with the known compounds,Expand
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Briarane and asbestinane diterpenes from Briareum asbestinum
Abstract Six new diterpenes, (1–3 and 5–7), were isolated from Briareum asbestinum collected off the coast of Tobago, West Indies. Their structures were determined by a combination of 2D NMRExpand
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