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The Scalasca performance toolset architecture
Scalasca is a performance toolset that has been specifically designed to analyze parallel application execution behavior on large‐scale systems with many thousands of processors. It offers anExpand
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The International Exascale Software Project roadmap
Over the last 20 years, the open-source community has provided more and more software on which the world’s high-performance computing systems depend for performance and productivity. The communityExpand
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TAU: A Portable Parallel Program Analysis Environment for pC++
The realization of parallel language systems that offer high-level programming paradigms to reduce the complexity of application development, scalable runtime mechanisms to support variable sizeExpand
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Automatic performance analysis of hybrid MPI/OpenMP applications
  • F. Wolf, B. Mohr
  • Computer Science
  • Eleventh Euromicro Conference on Parallel…
  • 1 November 2003
The EXPERT performance-analysis environment provides a complete tracing-based solution for automatic performance analysis of MPI, OpenMP, or hybrid applications running on parallel computers with SMPExpand
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Design and Prototype of a Performance Tool Interface for OpenMP
This paper proposes a performance tools interface for OpenMP, similar in spirit to the MPI profiling interface in its intent to define a clear and portable API that makes OpenMP execution eventsExpand
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Scalable Parallel Trace-Based Performance Analysis
Automatic trace analysis is an effective method for identifying complex performance phenomena in parallel applications. However, as the size of parallel systems and the number of processors used byExpand
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Performance Analysis of Large-Scale OpenMP and Hybrid MPI/OpenMP Applications with Vampir NG
This paper presents a tool setup for comprehensive event-based performance analysis of large-scale openMP and hybrid openmp/ MPI applications. The KOJAK framework is used for portable codeExpand
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Program analysis environments for parallel language systems: the tau environment
In this paper, we discuss (TAU, Tuning and Analysis Utilities), the rst prototype of an integrated and portable program analysis environment for pC ++ , a parallel object-oriented language system. isExpand
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KOJAK - A Tool Set for Automatic Performance Analysis of Parallel Programs
Today’s parallel computers with SMP nodes provide both multithreading and message passing as their modes of parallel execution. As a consequence, performance analysis and optimization becomes moreExpand
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Distributed Performance Monitoring: Methods, Tools, and Applications
A method for analyzing the functional behavior and the performance of programs in distributed systems is presented. We use hybrid monitoring, a technique which combines advantages of both softwareExpand
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