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Among 45 variants in 11 genes, HDM2 promoter polymorphisms emerge as new candidate biomarker associated with radiation toxicity
It is concluded that six SNPs are candidate genetic biomarkers for radiosensitivity in patients that have cumulative effects as patients with severe fibrosis harbored significantly higher number of risk alleles than the controls.
Conformal Preoperative Endorectal Brachytherapy Treatment for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer
This modality, by providing high rate of tumor downstaging and downsizing especially for patients with lesions in the lower one-third of the rectum, represents a definite potential for sphincter-preserving surgery for investigation in future studies.
Use of a control film piece in radiochromic film dosimetry.
On Monte Carlo modeling of megavoltage photon beams: a revisited study on the sensitivity of beam parameters.
Dose distributions for very small and very large fields were proved to be more sensitive to variations in E(AV), R, and theta in comparison with the 10 x 10 cm2 field, as well as to a wide range of field sizes including small field sizes.
Influence of electron density spatial distribution and X‐ray beam quality during CT simulation on dose calculation accuracy
The impact of various kVp settings and electron density (ED) distribution on the accuracy of dose calculation in high‐energy photon beams was found to be well within 2%.
Measurement of partial muon capture rates in 1 s − 0 d shell nuclei
We report yields for 38 \ensuremath{\gamma}-ray lines and 29 $({\ensuremath{\mu}}^{\ensuremath{-}},\ensuremath{\nu})$ transitions following negative muon capture on ${}^{24}\mathrm{Mg},$
Association between XRCC1 G399A Polymorphism and Late Complications to Radiotherapy in Saudi Head and Neck Cancer Patients.
This pilot study corroborates the association between XRCC1 399 G>A and risk of late normal tissue complications following radiotherapy in patients and large studies are required to unravel more SNPs that can influence radiosensitivity.