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Data Preparation for Mining World Wide Web Browsing Patterns
The World Wide Web (WWW) continues to grow at an astounding rate in both the sheer volume of traffic and the size and complexity of Web sites. The complexity of tasks such as Web site design, WebExpand
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Automatic personalization based on Web usage mining
The ease and speed with which business transactions can be carried out over the Web have been a key driving force in the rapid growth of electronic commerce. Business-to-business e-commerce is theExpand
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Web mining: information and pattern discovery on the World Wide Web
Application of data mining techniques to the World Wide Web, referred to as Web mining, has been the focus of several recent research projects and papers. However, there is no established vocabulary,Expand
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Toward trustworthy recommender systems: An analysis of attack models and algorithm robustness
Publicly accessible adaptive systems such as collaborative recommender systems present a security problem. Attackers, who cannot be readily distinguished from ordinary users, may inject biasedExpand
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Effective personalization based on association rule discovery from web usage data
To engage visitors to a Web site at a very early stage (i.e., before registration or authentication), personalization tools must rely primarily on clickstream data captured in Web server logs. TheExpand
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Discovery and Evaluation of Aggregate Usage Profiles for Web Personalization
Web usage mining, possibly used in conjunction with standard approaches to personalization such as collaborative filtering, can help address some of the shortcomings of these techniques, includingExpand
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Personalized recommendation in social tagging systems using hierarchical clustering
Collaborative tagging applications allow Internet users to annotate resources with personalized tags. The complex network created by many annotations, often called a folksonomy, permits users theExpand
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Web search personalization with ontological user profiles
Every user has a distinct background and a specific goal when searching for information on the Web. The goal of Web search personalization is to tailor search results to a particular user based onExpand
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Data Mining for Web Personalization
In this chapter we present an overview of Web personalization process viewed as an application of data mining requiring support for all the phases of a typical data mining cycle. These phases includeExpand
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Context-aware music recommendation based on latenttopic sequential patterns
Contextual factors can greatly influence the users' preferences in listening to music. Although it is hard to capture these factors directly, it is possible to see their effects on the sequence ofExpand
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