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Comparison of transconjunctival versus subciliary approaches for orbital fractures: a review of 60 cases.
The increasing emphasis on open reduction in the management of orbital fractures has led to an extensive debate as to which approach provides adequate exposure for these fractures. This retrospectiveExpand
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Nodular thyroid disease in children and adolescents.
Thyroid nodules in children are extremely uncommon. Most thyroid nodules, both benign and malignant, present as asymptomatic neck masses. A thyroid nodule in a child is significant because of theExpand
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Wegener's granulomatosis presenting as ophthalmoplegia and optic neuropathy.
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Long-term follow-up of Stapedectomy in Children and Adolescents
Otosclerosis presenting in children and adolescents is uncommon. Typically, otosclerosis presents as a slowly progressive conductive hearing loss in the third to fourth decade. Many well-documentedExpand
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Isolated congenital internal auditory canal atresia with normal facial nerve function.
The internal auditory canal forms as a result of mesoderm enveloping the eighth cranial nerve in the developing embryo. The mesoderm eventually transforms into cartilage and ultimately ossifiesExpand
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Cervical thymic anomalies.
Because of its infrequent occurrence, cervical thymic tissue is rarely considered in the differential diagnosis of neck masses. Consequently, diagnosis is most often made by pathologic examination ofExpand
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X‐Ray Diffraction Studies on Cardiac Muscle
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HMG and the War against Dissent, 1914-18
Total war is not simply a clash of forces but a content of societies. Defeat is almost never solely the consequence of events at the front, but develops from a complex of failures. In the case of theExpand
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Turkish foreign and strategic policy 1934–42
Turkish Foreign Policy in the Second World War, and immediate prewar years, has not been adequately described. Initially, Turkey's foreign policy in these years was officially explained by referenceExpand
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British Somaliland: An Administrative History, 1920-1960
Introduction 1 Somaliland and Somalis 2 Administration 1920-1938 'Combining Efficiency with Cheapness 3 Development 1920-1938 4 Fiasco, 1938-1941 5 Military Administration 1941-1948 6 DevelopmentExpand
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