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A scientific conception of animal welfare that reflects ethical concerns.
Scientific research on 'animal welfare' began because of ethical concerns over the quality of life of animals, and the public looks to animal welfare research for guidance regarding these concerns.Expand
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Within-Litter Birth Weight Variation in the Domestic Pig and its Relation to Pre-Weaning Survival, Weight Gain, and Variation in Weaning Weights
Abstract To determine the relationship between within-litter birth weight variation and pre-weaning survival and weight gain, and to provide practical guidance on fostering low-birth-weight piglets,Expand
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Birth weight variation in the domestic pig: effects on offspring survival, weight gain and suckling behaviour.
In domestic pigs, litter-mates often vary considerably in birth weight. To examine whether this size variation influences piglet survival, weight gain and suckling behaviour, we experimentallyExpand
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Neonatal-piglet weight variation and its relation to pre-weaning mortality and weight gain on commercial farms.
To determine the effect of within-litter neonatal-weight variation on pre-weaning mortality and weight gain, we analyzed piglet survival and weight gain within 400 litters from 10 commercial farms.Expand
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The utility of ketoprofen for alleviating pain following dehorning in young dairy calves.
To determine if ketoprofen, in addition to local anaesthesia, reduces pain following dehorning, we experimentally dehorned dairy calves, less than 2 weeks of age, with (20 calves) or without (20Expand
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The Effect of Littermate Weight on Survival, Weight Gain, and Suckling Behavior of Low-Birth-Weight Piglets in Cross-Fostered Litters
Methods: We manipulated the number and size of foster littermates for low-birthweight piglets in 31 small (eight or nine piglets) and 22 large (11 or 12 piglets) litters. Experimental litters wereExpand
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Evaluation of water salinity effects on the sea lice Lepeophtheirus salmonis found on farmed Atlantic salmon in Muchalat Inlet, British Columbia, Canada
Abstract The sea louse Lepeophtheirus salmonis is a major ectoparasite of both farmed and wild salmonids that causes substantial economic losses to the salmon industry worldwide. However, in BritishExpand
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Sex ratio variation in the yuma bat (Myotis yumanensis)
Sex allocation theory predicts that monomorphic species should produce natal sex ratios near unity. We measured natal sex ratios in a maternity colony of approximately 1600 yuma bats (MyotisExpand
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