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Music, substance use, and aggression.
The findings suggest that young people's substance use and aggressive behaviors may be related to their frequent exposure to music containing references to substanceUse and violence. Expand
Women's Descriptions of Drinking in Bars: Reasons and Risks
Fifty-two women bar drinkers participated infocus group discussions about women's reasons fordrinking, victimization experiences, and behaviors thatinfluence risk for victimization, in bars. TheExpand
Bar Victimization of Women
Little is known about the types and specific circumstances that surround the victimization of women who drink in the public context of bars. This study provides a preliminary description of the typesExpand
Portal Surveys of Time-Out Drinking Locations
This methodology has been developed to assess alcohol and other drug use at specific events and has included measuring intentions to use collected at entry and reported use on exit, as well as chemical tests for AOD consumption at both entrance and exit. Expand
Spirituality within the family and the prevention of health risk behavior among adolescents in Bangkok, Thailand.
Structural equation models indicate that positive direct and indirect associations of the spirituality of parents and teens within a family and the prevention of adolescent risk behaviors are significant and consistent. Expand
Measuring Alcohol Expectancies in Youth
Beliefs about the consequences of using alcohol, alcohol expectancies, are powerful predictors of underage drinking. The Alcohol Expectancies Questionnaire-Adolescent form (AEQ-A) has been widelyExpand
The Role of Childhood Sexual Abuse in the Development of Alcoholism in Women
Results showed that alcoholic women were more likely to have experienced sexual abuse, had a greater number of different types of sexual abuse experiences, and endured sexual abuse over a longer period than the comparison group. Expand
Mothers' alcohol and other drug problems and their punitiveness toward their children.
Treatment and prevention interventions need to be developed to decrease the risk of violent victimization among children whose mothers have alcohol and other drug problems and other factors may also contribute to this risk. Expand
Interrelationships between victimization experiences and women's alcohol use.
High rates of childhood victimization for women with alcohol problems suggest that there is a link between victimization and the development, specifically, of women's alcohol problems. Expand
The Relationship Between Neighborhood Characteristics and Effective Parenting Behaviors
Structural equations modeling shows that neighborhood perceptions were related to parenting behaviors, indirectly through social support, whereas archival census neighborhood indicators were unrelated to social support and parenting. Expand