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Kinship, Language, and Prehistory: Per Hage and the Renaissance in Kinship Studies
A chronicle of the renaissance in kinship studies, these seventeen articles pay tribute to Per Hage, one of the founding fathers of the movement and long-time faculty member of the Department ofExpand
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Exchange and social stratification in the Eastern Adriatic: a graph-theoretic model
Sharply marked social differentiation is a salient characteristic of Mediterranean societies. In the anthropology of the Mediterranean, inequality of social status has been analyzed so far onlyExpand
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The Proto-Numic Kinship System
On the basis of historical linguistic and ethnohistorical evidence, the Proto-Numic kinship system can be reconstructed as Kariera (Dravidianate) in type based on a rule of bilateral cross-cousinExpand
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Tattooing, gender and social stratification in Micro-Polynesia
Gell's combinatorial analysis of variations in tattooing practices and social organization in Polynesia is shown to be incomplete. Our purpose is to revise and generalize Gell's analysis and extendExpand
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The differential die away time method: An attractive method for the assay of. cap alpha. -waste from LWR fuel reprocessing
The differential die away time method has become an attractive method for ..cap alpha..-waste assay in the 100 n Ci/g region. However the accuracy of this method is influenced by several parameters.Expand
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Talk Is Not Cheap: Kinship Terminologies and the Origins of Language - eScholarship
Kinship terminology is a human universal, a kind of cultural knowledge circulated through language. In this paper I explore the possibility that the need for social rules prompted the development ofExpand
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A group model of Ndembu color symbolism
The relationship between the colors 'begins with the mystery (or riddle) of the three rivers: the rivers of whiteness, redness, and blackness' (Turner 1967: 61). This is part of the secret teachingExpand
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In Memoriam. Per Hage (1935-2005)