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Radiation and high-dose metronidazole in supratentorial glioblastomas.
We used "high-dose" metronidazole, an "in vitro" and "in vivo" specific radiosensitizer of hypoxic cells, in a controlled trial to evaluate possible enhancement of radiation effect in patients withExpand
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Misonidazole combined with hyperfractionation in the management of malignant glioma.
Multiple daily fractionated radiation therapy (MDF) may be more effective than conventionally fractionated radiation therapy (CF) in the treatment of malignant glioma. The hypoxic cell sensitizerExpand
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Brain hemorrhage associated with methanol poisoning.
We recently treated seven patients who were victims of accidental methanol intoxication. Five of the seven patients died within 72 h of hospital admission. The two survivors were discharged from theExpand
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Intracranial vascular complications of choriocarcinoma.
Choriocarcinoma is the most malignant of the tumors of chorionic tissue that (most commonly) arise from fetal tissues and invade the maternal vasculature. Two cases of choriocarcinoma are presented.Expand
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Anti‐myelin basic protein and anti‐proteolipid protein specific forms of multiple sclerosis
Human myelin basic protein (hMBP) and proteolipid protein (PLP) were used as antigens in a solid‐phase radioimmunoassay to determine relative frequencies of anti‐MBP and anti‐PLP in cerebrospinalExpand
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Anatomic details of intradural channels in the parasagittal dura: a possible pathway for flow of cerebrospinal fluid.
OBJECTIVE The absorption of cerebrospinal fluid occurs primarily by means of arachnoid granulations (AG) in the superior sagittal sinus (SSS) and the lacunae laterales (LL) in the parasagittal dura.Expand
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Effect of clot removal at 24 hours on chronic vasospasm after SAH in the primate model.
The efficacy of complete clot removal 24 hours after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) in the prevention of chronic cerebral vasospasm was evaluated in monkeys in a blind randomized controlled trial.Expand
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Trephine lung biopsy.
Forty-five percutaneous trephine lung biopsies using the Steel apparatus were performed on 38 patients. Tissue was obtained on 42 occasions (94%) leading to histological or culture diagnosis in 33Expand
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Radiotherapy and CCNU in the treatment of high-grade supratentorial astrocytomas.
Forty-one consecutive patients with supratentorial primary brain tumors (38 Grade III and IV astrocytomas, one giant-cell astrocytoma, and two cases with insufficient tissue for diagnosis) wereExpand
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