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Estimating the global waste heat potential
The process chain of energy conversion from primary energy carriers to final energy use is subject to several losses. Especially in end use, vast amounts of converted energy occur as waste heat,Expand
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Theoretical and numerical investigation on the EDC-model for turbulence-chemistry interaction at gasification conditions
The present work describes results of the CFD modelling of a high-pressure gasification process where the EDC-model does not accurately represent the important reformation reactions. Expand
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Product distribution and sulfur behavior in coal pyrolysis
Abstract Pyrolysis experiments of six differently ranked Chinese coals and one German coal were carried out systematically at ambient pressure. The effect of different pyrolysis conditions, includingExpand
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Modelling of a Chemical Reactor for Simulation of a Methanisation Plant
The chemical and physical modelling and transient simulation of a plant with chemical reactors can be useful within dimensioning, optimisation, operation studies and analysing of time criticalExpand
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Effect of ash components on devolatilization behavior of coal in comparison with biomass – Product yields, composition, and heating values
Abstract The influence of inorganic constituents on the pyrolysis behavior of different biomass materials and brown coals was studied in a fixed bed reactor within a temperature range of 250–700 °C.Expand
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Constructability study on a German reference IGCC power plant with and without CO2-capture for hard coal and lignite
This paper describes several cases of technical design, performance and an economic evaluation for IGCC-power plant concepts with and without CO2 capture and storage (CCS) operated on world marketExpand
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Abatement of emissions in small-scale combustors through utilisation of blended pellet fuels
Abstract This paper presents the results of a study carried out on a small-scale 10 kW fixed-bed combustor fired by blended pellet fuels burning on a thin depth fuel-bed. The use of the thin fuel-bedExpand
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Kinetic study on CO2 gasification of brown coal and biomass chars: reaction order
Abstract The clean utilization of low-quality coal and biomass has been focused by researchers. Many researchers investigated the kinetics of coal and biomass gasification. Most of them focused onExpand
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CFD-based multi-objective optimization of a quench reactor design
Abstract The combination of advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) reactive flow predictions together with mature, robust optimization techniques provides the opportunity to evolve promisingExpand
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The effect of particle size on the strength parameters of German brown coal and its chars
Abstract An experimental study on the compressive strength and Young’s modulus of German brown coal from Schleenhain mine was carried out in order to determine the non-empirical mechanical propertiesExpand
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