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Perceptions of online tutorials for distance learning in mathematics and computing
Key conclusions are that both staff and students value online sessions, to supplement face-to-face sessions, mainly for their convenience, but interaction within the sessions is limited.
On Globally Periodic Solutions of the Difference Equation x n + 1 = f ( x n )/ x n − 1
We study the second-order difference equation x n +1 = f ( x n ) x n m 1 where f ] C 1 ([0, X ),[0, X )) and x n ] (0, X ) for all n ] Z . For the cases p h 5, we find necessary and sufficient
A garden of orchids: a generalized Harper equation at quadratic irrational frequencies
We consider a generalized Harper equation at quadratic irrational flux, showing, in the strong coupling limit, the fluctuations of the exponentially decaying eigenfunctions are governed by the
Golden mean renormalization for a generalized Harper equation: The Ketoja–Satija orchid
We provide a rigorous analysis of the fluctuations of localized eigenstates in a generalized Harper equation with golden mean flux and with next-nearest-neighbor interactions. For
Periodic orbits of renormalisation for the correlations of strange nonchaotic attractors
We calculate all piecewise-constant periodic orbits (with values ±1) of the renormalisation recursion arising in the analysis of correlations of the orbit of a point on a strange nonchaotic
Do screencasts help to revise prerequisite mathematics? An investigation of student performance and perception
Basic calculus skills that are prerequisites for advanced mathematical studies continue to be a problem for a significant proportion of higher education students. While there are many types of