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Review article "Assessment of economic flood damage"
Abstract. Damage assessments of natural hazards supply crucial information to decision support and policy development in the fields of natural hazard management and adaptation planning to climateExpand
Estimation uncertainty of direct monetary flood damage to buildings
Traditional flood design methods are increasingly supplemented or replaced by risk-oriented methods which are based on comprehensive risk analyses. Besides meteoro- logical, hydrological andExpand
Fluvial flood risk management in a changing world
Abstract. Flood risk emerges from the interaction of hazard and vulnerability. Over recent decades the notion of risk being the basis for flood management decisions has become widely accepted andExpand
Flood risk assessment and associated uncertainty
Abstract. Flood disaster mitigation strategies should be based on a comprehensive assessment of the flood risk combined with a thorough investigation of the uncertainties associated with the riskExpand
Flood loss reduction of private households due to building precautionary measures - lessons learned from the Elbe flood in August 2002
Building houses in inundation areas is always a risk, since absolute flood protection is impossible. Where settlements already exist, flood damage must be kept as small as possible. Suitable meansExpand
Flood damage and influencing factors: New insights from the August 2002 flood in Germany
[1] In the aftermath of a severe flood event in August 2002 in Germany, 1697 computer-aided telephone interviews were undertaken in flood-affected private households. Besides the damage to buildingsExpand
Development of FLEMOcs – a new model for the estimation of flood losses in the commercial sector
Abstract The estimation of flood damage is an important component for risk-oriented flood design, risk mapping, financial appraisals and comparative risk analyses. However, research on flood-lossExpand
A Probabilistic Modelling System for Assessing Flood Risks
The proposed model concept is useful for the integrated assessment of flood risks in flood prone areas, for cost-benefit assessment and risk-based design of flood protection measures and as a decision support tool for flood management. Expand
Comparative Risk Assessments for the City of Cologne – Storms, Floods, Earthquakes
In this paper a methodology for a multi-risk assessment of an urban area is introduced and performed for the city of Cologne, Germany, considering the natural hazards windstorm, flooding andExpand
What do we know about past changes in the water cycle of Central Asian headwaters? A review
Abstract We have reviewed about 100 studies on past changes in climate, snow cover, glaciers and runoff in Central Asian headwater catchments, which have been published in the past 20 years. WeExpand