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Analysis and design of DC-DC/AC non isolated cuk converter using sliding mode controller
A DC-DC/AC Non isolated cuk converter is designed in this paper. This system comprises the centralized switching circuit, Non Isolated Cuk Converters, bidirectional port and battery. Renewable energyExpand
Optimization of Energy Consumption by Fuzzy Based Routing In Wireless Sensor Network
This paper optimize the energy consumption of WSN by clustering and fuzzy based next hop selection and aims to prolong the network lifetime by up to three times. Expand
Enhanced digital energy meter
The enhanced energy meter is a new kind of electricity measurement meter that can automatically send meter datum to the supplier and the consumer in an automated manner, which ensures more accurate energy bills. Expand
Lifetime extension of wireless sensor network by selecting two cluster heads and hierarchical routing
The present study demonstrates the data routing method from node to BS (Base Station) using two cluster heads to prolong the battery life of sensor nodes with little compromise in energy consumption and hop count compare to single cluster head method. Expand
A Novel Energy efficient Surface water Wireless Sensor Network Algorithm
Maintaining the energy of sensors in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is important in critical applications. It has been a challenge to design wireless sensor networks to enable applications forExpand
An Adaptive Fuzzy C Means With Seagull Optimization Algorithm for Analysis of WSNs in Agricultural Field With IoT
Adaptive Fuzzy C means clustering and Seagull Optimization Algorithm (AFCM-SOA) is developed for monitoring environmental conditions in agriculture field and performance metrics are delay, drop, throughput, energy consumption, network lifetime, overhead and delivery ratio. Expand
Comparison of THD Values of Seven Level CHB Inverter with Single DC Source for various Multi Carrier PWM Techniques
Multilevel inverters are commonly used for high power applications because they cause less harmonic distortion. This paper compares the total harmonic distortions of the output voltage of theExpand
Application of IoT for Counterfeit Prevention in Fast Moving Consumer Goods
The current research provides research into the techniques used and in making fraudulent identification of fast-moving consumer goods, which can be used to combat the distribution of counterfeitExpand