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Towards a classification of cultural tourists
This paper proposes a model to segment the cultural tourism market according to two dimensions: (i) the importance of cultural motives in the decision to visit a destination and (ii) depth ofExpand
A chaos approach to tourism
An alternative model of tourism based on the principles of chaos theory that incorporates the nine elements that combine to explain how tourism functions. Expand
Modeling Tourist Movements: A Local Destination Analysis
Abstract Models depicting the spatial movement patterns of tourists within a destination are proposed in this paper. They are developed using an inductive approach based on urban transportationExpand
Abstract People with disabilities have the same needs and desires for tourism as others. However, travel in a context designed primarily for people without disabilities poses unique challenges. AExpand
Understanding Tourist Movement Patterns in a Destination: A GIS Approach
This paper presents preliminary findings of research examining the movement patterns of tourists within a destination. The study focuses on fully independent individual travellers visiting Hong Kong.Expand
Incorporating local and international cuisines in the marketing of tourism destinations: The cases of Hong Kong and Turkey
Abstract This paper compares how two different destinations use food in their marketing activities. Content analysis of brochures, booklets and web sites was used. One, Hong Kong, makes extensive useExpand
Tourism and online photography
This paper documents the use of online travel photo-sharing technologies among Hong Kong residents. The advent of Web 2.0 is changing fundamentally the tourist information search and destinationExpand
Food Tourism as a Viable Market Segment: It's All How You Cook the Numbers!
This study examines whether food is a special interest or mainstream tourism product. Much of the research on special interest tourism examines the activity in isolation of the broader suite ofExpand
Movement Patterns of Tourists within a Destination
Abstract This paper reports on a study analysing the movements of tourists within an urban destination. A total of 78 discrete movement patterns was identified, which can be categorized into 11Expand
A citation analysis of tourism scholars
Abstract This study identified the most frequently cited tourism scholars in two time periods (1970–2007, and 1998–2007). Google Scholar ( www.scholar.google.com ) and Publish or Perish (Expand