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Welfare and Eugenics: Julius Tandler's Rassenhygienische Vision for Interwar Vienna
  • B. McEwen
  • Sociology
  • Austrian History Yearbook
  • 1 April 2010
Each version of the European welfare state developed out of particular historical contexts. The modern Austrian welfare state was developed in “Red Vienna” as a response to the perceived dysgenicExpand
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Sexual Knowledge: Feeling, Fact, and Social Reform in Vienna, 1900-1934
Acknowledgements Introduction: Vienna as Laboratory for Sexual Knowledge Chapter 1. City Hall and Sexual Hygiene in Red Vienna Chapter 2. Sexual education debates in Late Imperial and RepublicanExpand
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New Work on the Austrian First Republic
  • B. McEwen
  • History
  • Austrian History Yearbook
  • 1 May 2020
There is a renewed interest in writing about the First Republic among Austrian historians. As always, it is political: how to frame the collapse of the empire, how to address the political divides ofExpand