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Visualization in Scientific Computing-A Synopsis
McCormick and Thomas A. DeFanti, brought together researchers from academia, industry, and government. Computer graphics and computer vision experts analyzed emerging technologies, and federal agencyExpand
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Gaze-contingent video resolution degradation
Experimental results are presented evaluating two wavelet- based gaze-contingent video resolution degradation methods under three foveal Region of Interest (ROI) placement strategies. ROI placementExpand
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Time series model for texture synthesis
A general method is proposed for the synthesis of texture. It is based on a model which treats the pixels (picture elements) of a digitized textural scene as a two-way seasonal time series. ThisExpand
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Topology-graph Directed Separating Boundary Surfaces Approximation of Nonmanifold Neuroanatomical Structures: Application to Mouse Brain Olfactory Bulb
Boundary surface approximation of 3-D neuroanatomical regions from sparse 2-D images (e.g., mouse brain olfactory bulb structures from a 2-D brain atlas) has proven to be difficult due to theExpand
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Visualization: expanding scientific and engineering research opportunities
The use of scientific visualization to represent the solutions obtained in computational science and engineering is discussed. The short- and long-term needs of those who use visualization tools andExpand
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The Illinois Pattern Recognition Computer-ILLIAC III
  • B. McCormick
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Electron. Comput.
  • 1 December 1963
This report describes the system design of an all-digital computer for visual recognition. One processor, the Pattern Articulation Unit (PAU), has been singled out for detailed discussion. OtherExpand
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Image Processing in Television Ophthalmoscopy
The Television Ophthalmoscope, in association with the Image Acquisition and Display System under development in our laboratory, noninvasively provides and processes television images of the ocularExpand
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Interval Generalization of Switching Theory
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