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Regulation of Notch Signaling by an Evolutionary Conserved DEAD Box RNA Helicase, Maheshvara in Drosophila melanogaster
Notch signaling is an evolutionary conserved process that influences cell fate determination, cell proliferation, and cell death in a context-dependent manner. Notch signaling is fine-tuned atExpand
A loss‐of‐function homozygous mutation in DDX59 implicates a conserved DEAD‐box RNA helicase in nervous system development and function
We report on a homozygous frameshift deletion in DDX59 (c.185del: p.Phe62fs*13) in a family presenting with orofaciodigital syndrome phenotype associated with a broad neurological involvementExpand
Maheshvara, a Conserved RNA Helicase, Regulates Notch Signaling in Drosophila melanogaster.
Gene expression is regulated at multiple steps after generation of primary RNA transcripts, including mRNA processing, stability, and transport, along with co- and post-transcriptional regulation.Expand
Maheshvara regulates JAK/STAT signaling by interacting and stabilizing hopscotch transcripts which leads to apoptosis in Drosophila melanogaster
Maheshvara (mahe), an RNA helicase that is widely conserved across taxa, regulates Notch signaling and neuronal development in Drosophila. In order to identify novel components regulated by mahe,Expand
The Expanding Role of RNA-Binding Proteins in Neurodegeneration
In eukaryotic cells, gene expression is regulated at various levels after generation of a primary RNA transcript, including mRNA processing, transport, stability, and co-and post-transcriptionalExpand