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Growth and age structure of alfonsino (Beryx splendens) from the lower east coast, North Island, New Zealand
Commercial landings of alfonsino from the Palliser Bank, Tuaheni High, and Paoanui Ridge were sampled to describe growth and determine the age composition of catches, showing growth was slower than in Japanese waters and the Atlantic.
Supplemental host range of Araujia mosaic virus, a potential biological control agent of moth plant in New Zealand
Because ArjMV infected the three Araujia species causing stunting, this virus would significantly reduce flowering and seed production in these species, including the monarch butterfly, which is highly valued in New Zealand.
Partial sequencing of the genomic RNA of Araujia mosaic virus and comparison of the coat protein sequence with those of other potyviruses
It is reported for the first time the 30 terminal region of the genomic RNA of ArjMV, which is being tested on a large range of plants that are of interest to New Zealand.
Whataroa virus four decades on: emerging, persisting, or fading out?
Results of this survey indicate the virus has not increased substantially in prevalence since last monitored, possiblyBecause of little change in the local mosquito vector community, virus detection in the two Turdus species alone supports earlier claims that these non-native hosts act as reservoirs that maintain the virus, sourcing spillover infections in other native and non- native species.
Commercial catch composition and reproductive biology of rig (Mustelus lenticulatus) from Pegasus Bay, Canterbury, New Zealand
Abstract The 1982/83 set‐net rig (Mustelus lenticulatus Phillipps, 1932) catch from Pegasus Bay is described with respect to fish length, sex, and maturity. Of the estimated 30 000 rig caught in set
Trawl mesh selection of some important commercial fish species in New Zealand
Abstract The cod‐end mesh selection relationship was investigated for five New Zealand commercial fish species: tarakihi (Cheilodactylus macropterus), sand flounder (Rhombosolea ple‐beia), red
Identification pathogenicity and cold tolerance of strawberry leak isolates in New Zealand
Based on the results of this experiment, fosetyl-aluminium, metalaxyl plus mancozeb, and azoxystrobin show promise for control of lettuce downy mildew in New Zealand.