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Supplemental host range of Araujia mosaic virus, a potential biological control agent of moth plant in New Zealand
Araujia mosaic virus (ArjMV) has previously been confirmed to have a narrow host range and is considered a potential biological control agent for moth plant (Araujia hortorum), a troublesomeExpand
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Partial sequencing of the genomic RNA of Araujia mosaic virus and comparison of the coat protein sequence with those of other potyviruses
Araujia mosaic virus (ArjMV, genus Potyvirus, family Potyviridae) was first reported in Araujia angustifolia and Morrenia odorata from Argentina [8]. It is transmitted by mechanical inoculation andExpand
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Recognition and management of BPPV for an elderly female patient referred for low back pain: a resident’s case study
Abstract Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is common among older adults and frequently misdiagnosed or unidentified. Undiagnosed BPPV has been associated with depression, falls and ADLExpand
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Battling the opiate crisis: translating the latest advances in addiction biology into novel treatment strategies
The magnitude and rapid progression of the opioid epidemic is a topic that must be addressed by the institutions that make social and economic policy. Many probable factors have set the conditionsExpand
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