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QTL Mapping of Salt Tolerance Traits with Different Effects at the Seedling Stage of Bread Wheat
We evaluated salt tolerance in 319 recombinant inbred lines derived from a cross between Roshan and Falat (seri82) in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). This study identified quantitative trait lciExpand
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Mapping QTLs with main and epistatic effect on Seri ‘M82 × Babax‘wheat population under salt stress
The population of this research included 167 recombinant inbred lines (RILs) derived from a Seri/Babax cross. In order to map and visualize the genetic architecture of the agricultural traits, anExpand
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Mapping QTLs for physiological and biochemical traits related to grain yield under control and terminal heat stress conditions in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
In order to detect genomic regions with different effects for some of the physiological and biochemical traits of wheat, four experiments were conducted at Research Farm of Agricultural and NaturalExpand
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Study of QTLs linked to awn length and their relationships with chloroplasts under control and saline environments in bread wheat
IntroductionSome studies in wheat showed that awns may have a useful effect on yield, especially under drought stress. Up to this time few researches has identified the awn length QTLs with differentExpand
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QTL mapping of grain yield and its components under normal and drought stress conditions in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
A population comprising of 118 double haploids of barley derived from a cross, Nure x Tremois was evaluated for different traits for yield and its components under normal and drought stressExpand
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Physiological response of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars and inbred lines to salinity stress at the seedling stage.
The lack of effective selection criteria for salt tolerance in the screening process is one of the reasons for limited success in conventional salt tolerance breeding. The objective of this study wasExpand
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Identification of salt tolerant genotypes in wheat using stress tolerance indices
Salinity is one of the most important causes of yield loss in agricultural products, especially wheat. Wheat cultivation, on the other hand, is carried out on a wide range of agricultural land inExpand