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Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli heat-stable enterotoxin 1 represents another subfamily of E. coli heat-stable toxin.
Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli (EAggEC) are associated with persistent diarrhea in young children. Some of these organisms produce a low-molecular-weight, heat-stable, plasmid-encoded enterotoxinExpand
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Characteristics of a Brucella Species from a Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops Truncatus)
A culture isolated from an aborted fetus of a bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) was characterized. The isolate was a gram-negative coccobacillus, and the colonial morphology was typical of aExpand
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A mutation in the human glucocerebrosidase gene in neuronopathic Gaucher's disease.
To search for a genetic marker for type 2 Gaucher's disease (acute neuronopathic form), we compared the nucleotide sequence of a cloned glucocerebrosidase gene from a patient with Gaucher's diseaseExpand
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Toxic peptides and genes encoding toxin gamma of the Brazilian scorpions Tityus bahiensis and Tityus stigmurus.
Seven toxic peptides from the venom of Tityus bahiensis and Tityus stigmurus was isolated and sequenced, five of them to completion. The most abundant peptide from each of these two species ofExpand
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Myoclonic Epilepsy in Gaucher Disease: Genotype-Phenotype Insights from a Rare Patient Subgroup
Gaucher disease, the inherited deficiency of lysosomal glucocerebrosidase, presents with a wide spectrum of manifestations. Although Gaucher disease has been divided into three clinical types,Expand
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Primary structure and properties of helothermine, a peptide toxin that blocks ryanodine receptors.
Helothermine, a protein from the venom of the Mexican beaded lizard (Heloderma horridum horridum), was found to inhibit [3H]ryanodine binding to cardiac and skeletal sarcoplasmic reticulum, to blockExpand
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Cloning and characterization of molecular isoforms of the catalytic subunit of calcineurin using nonisotopic methods.
The cloning and characterization of cDNAs for the catalytic subunit of calcineurin (CN) from murine and human brain libraries were carried out using nonisotopic methods. A murine cDNA clone encodingExpand
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Forecasting the cytokine storm following systemic interleukin (IL)-2 administration
Extensive clinical experience has shown that systemic interleukin (IL)-2 administration can induce complete or partial regression of renal cell cancer (RCC) metastases in 15 to 20 % of patients.Expand
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Diverse range of small peptides associated with high-density lipoprotein.
High-density lipoproteins (HDL) were examined as potential carriers of small peptides in plasma. HDL purified by density gradient centrifugation was delipidated and fractionated by size-exclusionExpand
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Animal model of Gaucher's disease from targeted disruption of the mouse glucocerebrosidase gene
GAUCHER'S disease is the most prevalent lysosomal storage disorder in humans and results from an autosomally inherited deficiency of the enzyme glucocerebrosidase (β-D-glucosyl-N-acylsphingosineExpand
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