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What is research collaboration
Although there have been many previous studies of research collaboration, comparatively little attention has been given to the concept of ‘collaboration’ or to the adequacy of attempting to measureExpand
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The economic benefits of publicly funded basic research: a critical review
This article critically reviews the literature on the economic benefits of publicly funded basic research. In that literature, three main methodological approaches have been adopted — econometricExpand
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The Evolution of Science Policy and Innovation Studies
This article examines the origins and evolution of the field of science policy and innovation studies (SPIS). Like other studies in this Special Issue, it seeks to systematically identify the keyExpand
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The Changing Social Contract for Science and the Evolution of the University
This book re-examines the rationale for public policy, concluding that the prevailing ‘public knowledge' model is evolving towards a networked or distributed model of knowledge production and use inExpand
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University Research Evaluation and Funding: An International Comparison
Many countries have introducedevaluations of university research, reflectingglobal demands for greater accountability. Thispaper compares methods of evaluation usedacross twelve countries in EuropeExpand
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The Research Excellence Framework and the ‘impact agenda’: are we creating a Frankenstein monster?
In pursuit of public accountability, the mechanisms for assessing research performance have become more complicated and burdensome. In the United Kingdom, the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE)Expand
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Foresight in Science: Picking the Winners
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Technology policy and global warming: Why new policy models are needed (or why putting new wine in old bottles won't work)
In recent years, the threat of global climate change has come to be seen as one of the most serious confronting humanity. To meet this challenge will require the development of new technologies andExpand
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The Origin and Evolution of the University Species
What does the future hold for the university? Two very contradictory theses have been put forward. On the one hand, there is the ‘declinist’ thesis, with some pessimists believing that the veryExpand
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