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Continuity and Decline in the Anthracite Towns of Pennsylvania
The residents of the anthracite towns of northeastern Pennsylvania show a considerable loyalty to a landscape that provides them with little of material value. This should remind the observer thatExpand
Alluvial Burial of Gordion, an Iron-Age City in Anatolia
AbstractGeomorphic research at Gordion, an Anatolian Iron-Age city, shows alluvial burial and extensive leveling by the Sakarya River starting prior to the 4th century B.C. The aggrading riverExpand
Between the states: Iron Age interaction in southwestern Anatolia
Abstract This paper explores how Iron Age Anatolian communities constructed their identities within the fluid political and economic landscape of the Eastern Mediterranean after the Late Bronze AgeExpand
Georgia's Frontier Women: Female Fortunes in a Southern Colony
Institutionalization of Racial Inequality in Local Political Geographies
Municipalities create a local political geography that can institutionalize subordinate positions for minority groups. Most importantly, local governments determine which areas are incorporated intoExpand
The Colonial American Origins of Modern Democratic Thought
  • B. Marsh
  • Political Science, History
  • 17 May 2010
The Colonial American Origins of Modern Democratic Thought, by J.S. Maloy. (Cambridge: Cambridge U.P., 2008; pp. 214) 978-0521514385
Scaling ceramic provenience at Lydian Sardis, Western Turkey
We present a multistage strategy to define the scale and geographic distribution of ‘local’ ceramic production at Lydian Sardis based on geochemical analysis (NAA) of a large diverse ceramic sampleExpand
Reconstructing Iron Age Community Dynamics in Eskişehir Province, Central Turkey
Current understanding of the Iron Age polity of Phrygia in Central Anatolia is primarily based on excavations and survey in the region of the Phrygian capital of Gordion. In order to expand ourExpand