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Crystal size distribution (CSD) in rocks and the kinetics and dynamics of crystallization
Crystal-size in crystalline rocks is a fundamental measure of growth rate and age. And if nucleation spawns crystals over a span of time, a broad range of crystal sizes is possible duringExpand
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On the crystallinity, probability of occurrence, and rheology of lava and magma
Given a set of comagmatic lavas of similar composition but varying crystallinity, a diagram can be constructed using only the modes of the phenocrysts that quantitively shows the sequence ofExpand
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On the Interpretation of Crystal Size Distributions in Magmatic Systems
holocrystalline under a wide spectrum of cooling regimes implies batch system. Instead, the CSDs of each system reflect a combination that cooling and crystallization can be uncoupled and consideredExpand
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Solidification fronts and magmatic evolution
Abstract From (3. F. Becker's and L. V. Pirsson's early enunciations linking the dynamics of magma chambers to the rock records of sills and plutons to this day, two features stand at the centre ofExpand
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Crystal size distribution (CSD) in rocks and the kinetics and dynamics of crystallization II: Makaopuhi lava lake
Crystal size distribution (CSD) theory has been applied to drill core samples from Makaopuhi lava lake, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii. Plagioclase and Fe-Ti oxide size distribution spectra were measuredExpand
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Generation of Icelandic rhyolites: silicic lavas from the Torfajökull central volcano
The Torfajokull central volcano in south-central Iceland contains the largest volume of exposed silicic extrusives in Iceland (∼225 km^3). Within SW-Torfajokull, postglacial mildly alkalic toExpand
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A magmatic mush column rosetta stone: The McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica
A long-running mystery of Earth science concerns the physical and dynamic connection between volcanism, plutonism, magma chambers, layered intrusions, and the production from mantle material ofExpand
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Crystal capture, sorting, and retention in convecting magma
The mystery of producing strong compositional diversity among suites of comagmatic igneous rocks is investigated by considering the dynamic evolution of basaltic magma in a sheet-like chamber. AExpand
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The Sudbury Igneous Complex : Viscous emulsion differentiation of a superheated impact melt sheet
The Sudbury Igneous Complex of Ontario, Canada, is the remnant of a voluminous melt sheet produced in a few minutes by impact of a massive meteorite into continental crust 1.85 Ga ago. The transientExpand
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