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Accumulation of Y-specific satellite DNAs during the evolution of Rumex acetosa sex chromosomes
The data support the idea that Y-chromosome differentiation and heterochromatinisation in the Rumex species having a multiple sex chromosome system have occurred by different amplification events from a common ancestral satDNA. Expand
Plant sex chromosomes: molecular structure and function
Sequence analysis of larger regions in the homomorphic X and Y chromosomes of papaya and asparagus, and also in the heteromorphic sex chromosomes of S. latifolia and R. acetosa, will reveal the degenerative changes that the Y-linked gene functions have experienced during sex chromosome evolution. Expand
Cloning and characterization of dispersed repetitive DNA derived from microdissected sex chromosomes of Rumex acetosa.
A sex chromosome specific library of R. acetosa is generated and repetitive DNA sequences are identified that are more conserved in the genome of other dioecious species than in the polygamous, gynodioemious, or hermaphrodite species, which supports a single origin of dioECious species in this genus. Expand
Contents Vol. 120, 2008
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