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Catalogue of alien plants of the Czech Republic.
A complete list of all alien taxa ever recorded in the flora of the Czech Republic is presented as an update of the original checklist published in 2002. New data accumulated in the last decade areExpand
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Asexual spread versus sexual reproduction and evolution in Japanese Knotweed s.l. sets the stage for the “Battle of the Clones”
The invasion of NW Europe by a single clone of male-sterile Fallopia japonica var. japonica by purely vegetative reproduction has demonstrated that reproduction by seed and the genetic diversityExpand
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Czech alien flora and the historical pattern of its formation: what came first to Central Europe?
Temporal patterns of immigration to the country were analysed using 668 alien species in the flora of the Czech Republic for which the dates of the first record were available (64.8% of the totalExpand
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A widespread but controversial idea in ecology states that the number of invaders of a species assemblage depends on its species richness. Both negative and positive relationships have been reported.Expand
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History of the invasion and distribution of Reynoutria taxa in the Czech Republic: a hybrid spreading faster than its parents.
The distribution of four alien Reynoutria taxa (R. japonica var. japonica, R. japonica var. compacta, R. sachalinensis and R. ×bohemica), native to East Asia, and history of their introduction to andExpand
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Experimental study of vegetative regeneration in four invasive Reynoutria taxa (Polygonaceae)
Garden experiments focused on vegetative regeneration were carried out with four invasive taxa of the genus Reynoutria (R. japonica var. japonica, R. japonica var. compacta, R. sachalinensis and aExpand
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Isoenzyme diversity in Reynoutria (Polygonaceae) taxa: escape from sterility by hybridization
The genus Reynoutria is represented by four taxa in the Czech Republic – R. japonica var. japonica and compacta, R. sachalinensis and R. × bohemica. Using isoenzyme analysis, we determined the degreeExpand
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How does Reynoutria invasion fit the various theories of invasibility?
Abstract Questions: 1. How does species richness of recipient communities affect Reynoutria invasion? 2. How does Reynoutria invasion change host community structure? 3. Are there any differences inExpand
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The potential role of polyploidy and hybridisation in the further evolution of the highly invasive Fallopia taxa in Europe
Japanese knotweed s.l. comprises Fallopia japonica, F. sachalinensis, F. × bohemica and any F2s or backcrosses. The parental taxa were introduced from the East to the West as garden ornamentals inExpand
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Alien flora of the Czech Republic, its composition, structure and history
information on the alien flora of the Czech Republic is presented. The first com- plete list of non-native taxa reported from the country since the beginning of agriculture 7,300 year ago wasExpand
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