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The New Testament World: Insights from Cultural Anthropology
This newly revised edition of The New Testament World improves upon this already outstanding volume by adding inclusive language, by providing examples that are familiar to today's students, and byExpand
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Social-Science Commentary on the Synoptic Gospels
When readers are separated from the social world of the author, miscommunication occurs. Historical methods of Biblical interpretation have been helpful in narrowing the gap between the modern readerExpand
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The Social Gospel of Jesus : The Kingdom of God in Mediterranean Perspective
Scholars are agreed that the central metaphor in Jesus' proclamation was the kingdom of God. But what did that phrase mean in the first-century Palestinian world of Jesus? Since it is a politicalExpand
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The social world of Jesus and the Gospels
IntroductionPart 1: The Question of Reading1. Reading Theory PerspectivesPart 2: The Question of First-Century Mediterranean Persons2. First-Century Mediterranean Persons 3. A Social PsychologicalExpand
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Biblical Social Values and Their Meaning: A Handbook
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Social-Science Commentary on the Gospel of John
This work assembles and catalogs the values, conflicts, and mores of ancient Mediterranean culture pertinent to the Fourth Gospel. In many ways, the authors disclose, the Fourth Gospel addresses anExpand
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"Religion" in the World of Paul
The historical-critical method has been applied to the Bible quite successfully. Endowed with the usual historical concerns for chronological accuracy and archaeological and geographical specificity,Expand
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Exegetical Eschatology, the Peasant Present and the Final Discourse Genre: The Case of Mark 13
The ancient literary form best fitting the Synoptic "Eschatological Discourse" is the final discourse, the final words of a person about to die, describing what was forthcoming for those near andExpand
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