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Rethinking Globalised Resistance: Feminist Activism and Critical Theorising in International Relations
This article argues that a feminist approach to the ‘politics of resistance’ offers a number of important empirical insights which, in turn, open up lines of theoretical inquiry which criticalExpand
Bridging the Academic/Activist Divide: Feminist Activism and the Teaching of Global Politics
Our starting point in this article is the widespread belief that academia and activism are separate worlds, driven by contrasting aims and imperatives and governed by different rules. Such a view isExpand
Looking Beyond the Spectacle: Social Movement Theory, Feminist Anti-globalization Activism and the Praxis of Principled Pragmatism
The purpose of this article is to critically interrogate, from a feminist perspective, the manner in which the politics of dissent, in general, and the collective practices that constitute it, inExpand
Did somebody say populism? Towards a renewal and reorientation of populism studies
ABSTRACT Responding to the recent explosion in scholarly analysis of populism, this paper offers a conceptual mapping and critique of the dominant schools of thought within the burgeoning field ofExpand
Rethinking Power from the Point of View of Resistance: The Politics of Gender
The central aim of this chapter is to explore in what ways the work of Robert Cox and that of Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe can help us think about the nature of power relations in the context ofExpand
Contemporary political agency : theory and practice
Introduction Raffaele Marchetti 1. Political Agency and Subjectivity in the Crisis of Modernity Debora Spini 2. Political Agency between Urban and Transnational Spaces Clive Barnett 3. JudicialExpand
Critical theories, international relations and the anti-globalisation movement: the politics of global resistance
This book explores the interface between social movement resistances to neoliberal globalisation and a range of critical theories in the discipline of International Relations (IR). Since the lateExpand
Force and Legitimacy in World Politics: Index
1. Notes on contributors 2. Introduction David Armstrong and Theo Farrell 3. Legitimacy and the use of force: can the circle be squared? Andrew Hurrell 4. Legality and legitimacy: the quest forExpand
Reclaiming Feminist Futures: Co-Opted and Progressive Politics in a Neo-Liberal Age
This article engages with the influential narrative about the co-optation of feminism in conditions of neo-liberalism put forward by prominent feminist thinkers Nancy Fraser, Hester Eisenstein andExpand
Theorising feminist organising in and against neoliberalism: beyond co-optation and resistance?
This article reviews contemporary academic debates about feminist organising in and against neoliberalism, which we see as structured by a co-optation/resistance dichotomy. We outline threeExpand