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One, four or 100 genera? A new classification of the cone snails
We present a new classification for the genus Conus sensu lato (family Conidae), based on molecular phylogenetic analyses of 329 species. This classification departs from both the traditionalExpand
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Carboxyglutamate in a Neuroactive Toxin
The venom of a fish-hunting cone snail (Conus geo-graphus) contains a novel toxin, the "sleeper" peptide, which induces a sleep-like state in mice when injected intracerebrally. We demonstrate thatExpand
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The Venom Repertoire of Conus gloriamaris (Chemnitz, 1777), the Glory of the Sea
The marine cone snail Conus gloriamaris is an iconic species. For over two centuries, its shell was one of the most prized and valuable natural history objects in the world. Today, cone snails haveExpand
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Neurotoxins: overview of an emerging research technology
Neurotoxins have highly specific actions on molecular targets, and thus offer an effective means of characterizing the growing number of identified ion channels and receptors in the nervous system.Expand
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Complex patterns of [125I]omega-conotoxin GVIA binding site expression during postnatal rat brain development.
In the mature CNS, N-type calcium channels regulate neurotransmitter release. The role of these channels in developing brain is less clear. Study of [125I]omega-conotoxin GVIA binding sites inExpand
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Composition and therapeutic utility of conotoxins from genus Conus. Patent status 1996 - 2000
With an exponentially increasing body of scientific evidence pointing toward the potential of conotoxins for treatment of a wide variety of nervous system and associated neurological disorders, thereExpand
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