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Optimal epidural analgesia for patients diagnosed as having gynecologic cancer undergoing interstitial brachytherapy.
Combined modality epidural analgesia improves pain control and lessens oral and intravenous opioid requirements without increased risk of adverse effects compared with epidural morphine analgesia with local anesthetic alone. Expand
A Case of Transfusion Error in a Trauma Patient With Subsequent Root Cause Analysis Leading to Institutional Change
The patient was inadvertently transfused 2 units of packed red blood cells intended for another patient due to a series of errors, and the patient recovered from his near-fatal injuries. Expand
Intra - operative Anesthesia Management in Patients Undergoing Surgical Irreversible Electroporation of the Pancreas, Liver, Kidney, and Retroperitoneal Tumors
Anesthetic management for IRE of soft tissue deviates from standard anesthetic medical therapy in regards to depth of neuromuscular blockade and analgesic management during IRE energy delivery, however, minor modifications in anesthesia management allow for a safe and efficient patient procedure. Expand
Fish oil increases blood flow in the ileum during chronic feeding in rats.
The current data suggest that blood flow benefits associated with fish oil persist during chronic feeding in rats, and support prior acute feeding studies with CD, CD + individual immunonutrients, or IED. Expand
Combined Spinal-Epidural for Vaginal Delivery in a Parturient With Takayasu’s Arteritis
The technique, utilizing intrathecal opioids and a low-dose local anesthetic-opioid epidural infusion, provided adequate analgesia while maintaining hemodynamic stability throughout labor augmentation and successful vaginal delivery. Expand