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Health-related quality of life after prolonged pediatric intensive care unit stay*
The results indicate that, while long PICU stay is associated with significant mortality, the long-term HRQOL is normal for the majority of surviving children.
The effects of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke on pulmonary function in children undergoing anesthesia for minor surgery
Whether children exposed to environmental tobacco smoke present for surgery with poorer pulmonary function, and experience a more pronounced deterioration in pulmonary function following anesthesia and surgery, than non‐ETS‐exposed children is assessed.
Postoperative behavioral changes following anesthesia with sevoflurane
The aim of this study was to evaluate whether Sevoflurane has a propensity to induce ‘excitement’ during induction of anaesthesia, and delirium in the immediate postoperative phase, which translates into prolonged behavioral change.
Airway management in a baby with femoral hypoplasia–unusual facies syndrome
We report the successful fibreoptic intubation through a laryngeal mask airway (LMATM) while maintaining spontaneous respiration in an anaesthetized 3‐month‐old female infant with femoral
The treatment of postanaesthetic shivering: a double blind comparison between alfentanil and pethidine
The high incidence of reshivering indicates that alfentanil is unlikely to supercede pethidine in the treatment of PAS, but its initial success rate implies that pethazine's anti‐shivering effect is likely to be mediated via kappa‐opioid receptors.
Paediatric near-drowning: mortality and outcome in a temperate climate.
A ten year review of near-drowning in a tertiary referral institution, to evaluate the mortality and outcome in a temperate climate and asystole, immersion time greater than 15 minutes, resuscitation time longer than 30 minutes, and the administration of epinephrine were associated with a poor outcome.
A model for occupational stress amongst paediatric and adult critical care staff during COVID-19 pandemic
The coronavirus 2019 pandemic has placed all intensive care unit (ICU) staff at increased risk of psychological distress. To date, measurement of this distress has largely been by means of validated
Anaesthesia for children with epidermolysis bullosa: a review of 20 years’ experience
With maximal skin and mucous membrane protection, anaesthesia in children with epidermolysis bullosa may be undertaken with few sequelae, and the experience of managing 54 general anaesthetics (and two local anaesthesia) over the past 20 years is presented.
Herbal medicine use by children presenting for ambulatory anesthesia and surgery
The prevalence of herbal medicine use by children with some chronic illnesses has been estimated, but the incidence of this in a population of otherwise healthy children admitted for minor ambulatory anesthesia and surgery is currently unknown.