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The treatment of postanaesthetic shivering: a double blind comparison between alfentanil and pethidine
It has been postulated that pethidine may mediate its effects on postanaesthetic shivering (PAS) via kappa‐opioid receptors. However, clinical evidence indicates that alfentanil, a pure ma‐agonist,Expand
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Premedication for ambulatory surgery in preschool children: a comparison of oral midazolam and rectal thiopentone
Seventy five ASA 1 and 2 children, aged between six months and five years were randomized to receive oral midazolam 0.5 mg · kg−1, rectal thiopentone 35 mg · kg−1 or no premedication to compare theExpand
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Distribution of leukocytes labeled with In-111 oxine in dogs with acute inflammatory lesions.
The biodistributions of In-111 oxine (with and without leukocyte labeling) of Ga-67 citrate and of In-111 chloride were compared in 30 dogs with chemical and bacterial abscesses and acute jointExpand
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Technetium-99m DADS complexes as renal function and imaging agents: II. Biological comparison with iodine-131 hippuran.
To find a 99mTc agent with a high renal extraction efficiency similar to [131]hippuran, 21 analogs of DADS were labeled and evaluated. Preliminary screening by serial gamma camera imaging in rabbitsExpand
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A new formulation of Tc-99m minimicroaggregated albumin for marrow imaging: comparison with other colloids, In-111 and Fe-59.
The biodistributions of five Tc-99m colloids were compared with the 24-hr distributions of Fe-59 and In-111 in dogs by direct radioassay 1 hr after intravenous injection. One formulation of Tc-99mExpand
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The effect of passive smoking on the incidence of airway complications in children undergoing general anaesthesia
The aim of this study was to assess whether passive smoking affected the frequency of airway complications in children undergoing general anaesthesia. One hundred and twenty‐five children undergoingExpand
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Intra-articular analgesia for arthroscopic meniscectomy.
Intra-articular morphine has been shown to provide prolonged analgesia after arthroscopic knee surgery; the addition of local anaesthetic agents has been reported to improve this analgesic effect.Expand
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Modification of pain on injection of propofol
One hundred and fifty ASA 1 and 2 patients were randomly allocated to receive pethidine 25 mg (1 ml), lignocaine Wing (1 ml) or 0.9% saline (1 ml) on a double‐blind basis, as pretreatment to reduceExpand
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The anaesthetic management of the child with Eisenmenger’s syndrome
There is little clinical data in the literature on the anaesthetic management of paediatric patients with Eisenmenger’s syndrome undergoing non-cardiac surgery. This paper reviews our experiencesExpand
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Postanaesthetic shivering in children
This study was designed to assess the incidence, severity and possible aetiological factors ofpostanaesthetic shivering in children. Three hundred and seventy‐six children undergoing generalExpand
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