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Iterative coupling reservoir simulation on high performance computers
In this paper, the iterative coupling approach is proposed for applications to solving multiphase flow equation systems in reservoir simulation, as it provides a more flexible time-stepping strategyExpand
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Algebraic Multigrid Methods (AMG) for the Efficient Solution of Fully Implicit Formulations in Reservoir Simulation
A primary challenge for a new generation of reservoir simulators is the accurate description of multiphase flow in highly heterogeneous media and very complex geometries. However, many initiatives inExpand
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Fusion of Wi-Fi and bluetooth for indoor localization
The existing localization technology with single mode is limited in accuracy and robustness. To obtain higher accuracy, this paper proposes a novel indoor localization algorithm with WI-FI andExpand
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Optimal Pair Matching With Two Control Groups
In an effort to detect hidden biases due to failure to control for an unobserved covariate, some observational or nonrandomized studies include two control groups selected to systematically vary theExpand
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Integrated Online Virtual Metrology and Fault Detection in Plasma Etch Tools
This paper presents an integrated virtual metrology (VM) and quality excursion detection framework for online implementation on a plasma etch tool. Traditional external metrology have inherent delaysExpand
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Industrial PLS model variable selection using moving window variable importance in projection
Abstract Soft sensors (or inferential sensors) have been demonstrated to be an effective solution for monitoring quality performance and control applications in the chemical industry. One of the keyExpand
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Developing the distributed component of a framework for processing intensional programming languages
Based on a simple non-procedural language with temporal logic operators, Lucid underlies a family of multi-dimensional programming languages based on intensional logic. Intension is a concept rootedExpand
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Functions for Optimal Non-Bipartite Matching
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Identification Standard for ENSO Events and Its Application to Climate Monitoring and Prediction in China
The El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) reflects anomalous variations in the sea surface temperature (SST) and atmospheric circulation over the tropical central–eastern Pacific. It remarkably impactsExpand
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A method of detecting sea fogs using CALIOP data and its application to improve MODIS-based sea fog detection
Abstract A method to detect sea fogs from the measurement data acquired by the Cloud-Aerosol Lidar with Orthogonal Polarization (CALIOP) aboard the Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared PathfinderExpand
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