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ECRH-assisted start-up in ITER
In ITER, the electric field applied for ionization and to ramp up the plasma current may be limited to . In this case, based on established theories of the avalanche process, it is shown that ohmicExpand
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Neoclassical islands on COMPASS-D
Neoclassical magnetic islands are observed to limit the achievable beta in COMPASS-D low collisionality single null divertor tokamak plasmas with ITER-like geometry (R0=0.56 m, B0=1.2 T, Ip=120-180Expand
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Overview of ECRH experimental results
A review of the present status of electron cyclotron heating and current drive experiments in toroidal fusion devices is presented. In addition to basic heating and current drive studies the reviewExpand
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Particle confinement of pellet-fuelled tokamak plasma
This paper quantifies the particle confinement of pellet-fuelled plasmas as measured in the Mega Ampere Spherical Tokamak. The dataset is restricted mostly to neutral beam heated plasmas in H-modeExpand
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1 OV / 2-4 Overview of MAST Results
Significant progress has been made on MAST towards a fundamental understanding of transport, stability and edge physics and addressing technological issues for future large devices. CollaborativeExpand
Confinement characteristics of pellet-fuelled plasm in MAST
Introduction. The present consensus is that in a reactor, high edge densitie s cannot be achieved by gas puffing. The only technique proposed to control the densit y in reactor grade plasmas isExpand
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H-mode access and performance in the Mega-Amp Spherical Tokamak
Spontaneous transitions from the low “L-mode” to high “H-mode” of tokamak plasma confinement, first observed during neutral beam heating experiments on ASDEX, are now routinely achieved in manyExpand
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Improved H-mode access with inboard gas puffing
Summary During sustained L-mode discharges with inboard gas puffing the toroidal ion flow isincreased in the counter-current direction relative to that observed with outboard refuelling,the increaseExpand
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A novel social fear conditioning procedure alters social behavior and mTOR signaling in differentially housed adolescent rats.
Vulnerabilities to fear-related disorders can be enhanced following early life adversity. This study sought to determine whether post-weaning social isolation (PSI), an animal model of early lifeExpand